Home Guidance

teachers give instructions to students

parents know what children should be doing

A free service made available to help teachers, parents and students during the Covid-19 outbreak, to continue learning whilst being at home.


Our Mission

Helping the nation teach students at home

It is a very pressing time whereby students have no choice but to not attend school/college without knowing when they will be able to return. This is also very difficult for parents who aren't sure what their children should do, what resources they need, how much time they should be spending on work etc.

The aim of this free service is to provide teachers the ability to set lesson plans, including details, set tasks and resource links. These can then be viewed by the student/parent accordingly for clarity on what the student should be learning whilst they are unable to attend.

Get Involved

If you are a teacher or school/college representative and are interested, please contact us to get setup.


No hidden costs

This service is designed to help during the Covid-19 outbreak, and is completely free.


How does it look?

Watch a simple guide to signing up.

Remember the service is completely free, so it costs nothing to setup and nothing to cancel. Why not try it out just in case.

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